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Assignment 4 — Hello, Iceland!

This is my CM1-Assignment 4. I decided to create a website to show a photo gallery about my Iceland Trip. I found too much interesting and exciting thing during my trip and I enjoyed the nature. I’ve been on a lot of trips, and I’d like to make my own website later, showing places I’ve been to. Nature is so beautiful!

I am very grateful to my fellow students, they opened a ZOOM and shared their process. This helped me a lot and helped me finish the homework better. Without the ZOOM link, it might have taken me longer to understand Java.

First, I use the carouse to display three pictures. It also my first problem. I didn’t set out to fill the screen with photos at the beginning. I want to have a space with left and a right and the photos in the middle. I tried many times, but I failed. But in the end, I’m applying add the padding-left and padding-right to solve this problem. We also need to make a sense about different classes refer to different informations.

Then, I use the grid to post more photos. I link my photos and set the spaces between these photos. I also use many times to set up my fonts, colors, backgrounds and pictures. Although the whole process was difficult, I still enjoyed it.

I started with HTML to create a web page and use CSS to design the web. Using header, body, passage, footer to build the frame of the code. And the CSS can design the font color, size, background color, and position and so on. Today, I learn a new thing — Java. Create the animation and grid by using Java.



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Yuan Zhuang

CMCI Student, CU Boulder | Designer in the future | Full of passion and patience | Paint and 3D printing.