Final Project Proposal: Chinese Moon-shaped Fan

I’ve been thinking a lot about this project. I had many ideas in the middle, but I gave them up in the end. It wasn’t until I saw a fan at home from China that I thought about the project I eventually wanted to do. Homemade Moon-shaped Fan.

What is it? What’s it’s purpose?
Moon-shaped Fan is a Chinese Traditional handicraft, and it a symbol of good luck and family togetherness. The fan has many shapes, such as round, petal-shaped, rectangular, plantain shaped and so on, among which the most common ones in China are round and rectangular. The material of the fan is also different. Some fans are made of paper, on which people draw pictures with ink. Some are traditional Chinese silk handicrafts on which people embroider. People decorate their fans to express their different emotions and ideas.

As a Chinese student, I hope to show you this traditional handicraft. Because of the epidemic, I still can’t go home to reunite with my family this winter vacation. So, I want to make this fan to express my missing for my family.

What problem(s) are you solving?
Study the steps of making a Moon-shaped Fan, the materials needed and the content I want to express. Using drawing to express your thoughts and emotions is also a kind of creativity.

How will it work?
I would study the frame of the fan and try to make the original fan first. Then decorate the fan with ink or needle and thread to express my ideas. I also make a fan stand. If you can, I hope you can also draw or write on the fan what you want to express to your family.

What challenges do you anticipate?
The structure of the fan is not very complicated, but it is not easy to make. I haven’t found a tutorial on how to make a fan, which may require me to keep trying. Also, drawing on a fan is not allowed to be modified. If you make a mistake, you have to start again. Whether it is the frame or the shelf of the fan, I will need to use 3D printing technology.

In what ways does it or will it relate to your other work in Entrepreneurial Design, Design Leadership, and/or UX?

Key components of your project
Wood, 3D models, CAD, 3D printing, Scissors, wooden rings, rice paper, cloth, brushes and ink. (Maybe need more)
I will find some wood to make the frame of the fan, and then make the fan out of paper. Decorate the fan with brushes and ink. Finally, the base of the fan is made by 3D printing.
I need to find some video tutorials on how to make a fan and then learn how to express my ideas on the fan. Then learn to make the decorations on the fans.

The base of the fan

Milestones you have hit thus far and what you plan to do in order to realize it in the next 3–4 weeks.
I may need Duran’s help on the base of a 3D-printed fan, as I’m not good at complex 3D model design. I shouldn’t have to order the material because everything I need is easy to find. I can use a drill or a saw.

11.9-11.16: Sketch and make a model.
11.16 –11.23: Find the materials and start to design the fan content.
11.23 -11.30: Make a real moon-shaped fan and decorate it.
11.30–12.7: Make a base, and present it.



CMCI Student, CU Boulder | Designer in the future | Full of passion and patience | Paint and 3D printing.

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Yuan Zhuang

CMCI Student, CU Boulder | Designer in the future | Full of passion and patience | Paint and 3D printing.