IMD Final Project Proposal

With time passing, we start to do our final project. In this semester,

Project Title:
VR Naughty Fish Game

Project Member:
Yuan Zhuang (individual project)

Project Inspiration:
We met the COVID-19 outbreak this year, and we didn’t have the means to participate in many activities and sports with many people. So fishing is a safe sport that can keep a social distance. But we were new to fishing and it was hard for us to catch fish. So, I decide to make an interaction design with helpful fishing instructions, timely weather, wind forecasts etc. for fishing beginners, to help them learn it quicker.

Project Summary:
I wanted to create a VR fishing game to help beginners who can learn how to fishing. In this final project, I try to build a game scene (VR game) which people can practice the movement of casting. At last, I want to run it in the computer and VR system.

Key Components:
At first, I will sketch the game scene in the paper and draw it in the Adobe Illustrator. Then, I will follow this scene to make the VR game world. I will use some VR assets in the Unity and build a VR game in the Unity. To be honest, I’m still not sure about this project, and I’m not sure where I can go with it. I hope to build a good-looking and operable VR game. I will try my best to do it and keep going.

Week 1: Create Game Scene
Week 2: Build it in the Unity
Week 3 - Week 4: Set up the VR system. And prepare for the final presentation.

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Yuan Zhuang

CMCI Student, CU Boulder | Designer in the future | Full of passion and patience | Paint and 3D printing.